Graphics UnitMath FAQ ( Miscellaneous )

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What controls the output units when I don't use "as"? TOP

When "as" is not used in an equation the final units are displayed in terms of the current default units. To see the current defaults open the "Defaults" window. There are four basic sets of default units: base units, MKS, cgs, ft-lb. To change the current set of default units open the pop up list on the top of the "Defaults" window and select the set you want to use.

Can I make my own set of default units? TOP

Yes, you may define any number of your own default unit sets.

To define your own set of default units use the following steps:
  1. Switch the current defaults to the set that is closest to what you are looking for.
  2. Select all the defaults you want to change. To make multiple selections hold down the ctrl key.

  3. In the top of the "Defaults" window, open the "Options" menu and select "Paste selected defaults". All the selected defaults will be pasted into the UnitMath window and will look like the following:
    UMDefault_area: sq m;
    UMDefault_length: m;
    UMDefault_volume: liter;

  4. Modify the values to meet your needs and then select and evaluate them all.
    UMDefault_area: sq km;
    UMDefault_length: km;
    UMDefault_volume: cu m;

  5. When you have the defaults the way you want them open the "Defaults" window and select "Save default units set as..." from the options menu. In the next window enter the name for this set of defaults and press the "OK" button.

Can I do currency conversions with UnitMath? TOP


The variable definitions below define the exchange rates for four countries. Obviously exchange rates vary, so you will need to update them to have the latest information, or give them enough range to cover the likely values.

Define Exchange Rates
franc: $/6.0235;
pound_sterling: $/0.6109;
yen: $/117.98;
dm: $/1.7959;

Make conversions
$100 as franc ~ 602.35 franc
$100 as pound_sterling ~ 61.09 pound_sterling
$100 as yen ~ 11,798. yen
$100 as dm ~ 179.59 dm

100 franc as yen ~ ( 1,958.56 to 1,958.76 ) yen
100 dm as franc ~ 335.4 franc
500 yen as dm ~ 7.61 dm

Use Currencies in calculations.
$5.26/pound as dm/kg ~ 20.8 dm/kg
$( 5.26 pm 0 )/pound as yen/kg ~ ( 1,368.13 pm 0.06 ) yen/kg
$280/ ounce_troy * lb as dm ~ 7,333. dm

How do I get the most from UnitMath? TOP