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( for Windows )

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Updated 1/14/2000

To download a free demo version of UnitMath for Windows ( good for 5 days of actual use ) do one of the following.

I. If you have previously downloaded UnitMath

Download only UnitMath version 2.21 (1266 k) unzip the file "" and place the contents of the new folder into your existing UnitMath folder.

II. If you have not previously downloaded UnitMath

Download UnitMath version 2.21 (1266 k) and Required Files (589 k) to your computer, then unzip both "" and "". Place the contents of the RFiles folder into the UnitMath folder. You may then delete the RFiles folder and the zip files.

In either case

To run UnitMath find the file titled "UnitMath.exe" and double-click on it. You should easily be able to use UnitMath based on the information displayed in the UnitMath Demo window and in the on-line information file. If not email me.