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( Macintosh )

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To download a free demo version of UnitMath for the Macintosh ( good for 30 days of actual use ) do one of the following.

I. If you have previously downloaded UnitMath

Download only UnitMath version 4/12/1999 (1274 k) double-click on "UnitMath 4/12.sit" to decompress it and place "Unit Math 4/12" into your existing UnitMath folder.

II. If you have not previously downloaded UnitMath

Download "UnitMath 4/12.sit" (1274 k) and Required Files (217 k) to your computer, then expand both "UnitMath 4/12.sit" and "Run Time folder.sea" by double-clicking on them. Place "Unit Math 4/12" into the "Run Time folder". You may then delete "UnitMath 4/12.sit" and "Run Time folder.sea".

In either case

To run UnitMath find the file titled "Unit Math 4/12" and double-click on it. You should easily be able to use UnitMath based on the information displayed in the UnitMath Demo window and in the on-line information file. If not email me.